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Fog lights
We offer two options in fog light replacement bulbs, the xenonmatch and yellow Endurance.  If your goal is to match your HID low beams choose the xenonmatch bulbs.  The Höen xenonmatch features industry leading quality, luminosity and generates Kelvin grades (color) on par with your factory low beam HID lights.

If you frequently drive in rain, snow, fog and want added visibility to oncoming traffic we suggest the Endurance bulbs with their deep yellow light output.  All bulbs are sold in pairs and use the same wattage as your factory bulbs.  We do not recommend higher powered bulbs used in fog light applications.

Note the current out of stock fitments are delayed however are en route!


Xenonmatch (white) $30 per pair
Designed to match your factory HID low beams and the Höen family of low / high beam bulbs.

E46 M3 with Höen xenonmatch

H11 55w xenonmatch
eta 1/20

H8 35w xenonmatch
Order Now from 2co

9006 55w xenonmatch
eta 1/20

H7 55w xenonmatch
out of stock

H10 42w xenonmatch
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Endurance (yellow) $39 per pair
Produces a deep yellow light output for added visibility in snow, sleet, rain and fog.

Audi A4 with Höen Endurance


H11 55w Endurance
Order Now from 2co

H8 35w Endurance
Order Now from 2co

9006 55w Endurance
eta 1/20

H7 55w Endurance
Order Now from 2co

H10 42w Endurance
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