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City lights
We offer three city light replacement bulbs for various car types noted below.  If you are unsure of your fitment please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail for assistance.

All bulbs will provide a cleaner, whiter light than your factory bulbs and will not generate 'bulb out' alerts.

Please note we have halted orders until we can catch up with the backlog.

W5W 3850K (white) $20 for 2 pairs
Recommended for BMW, Mercedes, Audi, includes additional 3500K pair for tinted lenses some cars are now using.

W5W LED Array (sharp white)
$20 per pair
Recommended for Lexus, Honda, Toyota etc. (non European vehicles only).

dLED W5W (sharp white)
$25 per pair
Porsche Turbo specific LED fitment.

We have engineered the whitest possible bulbs while keeping temperatures of the bulbs at similar to stock levels.  Temperatures below were tested in house with a Mannix IRT2 laser thermometer after being ignited for 5 minutes. 

  • Osram clear OEM W5W  276°
  • Osram 'cool blue'  280°
  • Höen W5W 3,850K 310°
  • eBay W5W super white 466° (too hot)
  • Natural blue W5W super white 455° (too hot)
  • Toshiba (amber) W5W 294°

Höen dLED in direct sunlight (Porsche 911)

Factory bulbs in direct sunlight

factory bulbs at night (Prius Plug-in)

LED at night



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